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The Thrill of Collecting

I walked out of Safeway the other day and threw my hands in the air in celebration. About 20 seconds later embarrassment set in but I didn’t care, I was ridding the high of racking up my biggest collection of Air Miles Reward Miles in one grocery shop — ever!


The haul included two packs of Royale Bathroom Tissue (buy 2 = 50 bonus miles), and two packs of Sunny Boy Pancake Mix (buy 2 = 10 bonus miles), on top of the base offer from Safeway (4 bonus miles).

I’ve found that participating products are always something we can use around the house so it’s a simple decision to toss those items in our cart. I haven’t felt this good about earning since my husband scored 10 bonus miles with a pack of gouda cheese last month.

It seems as though writing this blog has given me super-sensitive Air Miles-spotting abilities. This has come in really handy since I do not use an Air Miles credit card and I need to be able to track down those special offers and opportunities to earn as they appear online or in-store.

The Air Miles App comes in handy when searching for deals nearby but looking for those bright blue and white tags in the aisles of the grocery store has really started to pay off. I earned more in that one shopping trip than I did all last month and I’m looking forward to continuing the trend.